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The winners of our #SexUpMyCover contest

Posted at 1:00 pm, February 15, 2013 in Competition, Fun London

This one almost had the competition licked:

The results are in! After we asked you to remix the blank cover of our sex issue, you utterly astonished us with your brilliance. The tube map was re-purposed so that ‘Holland Park’ become ‘Whoreland Park’, someone drew a woman ‘jerking off the magazine’ and one reader saw fit to submit an entry featuring the words ‘Why does it burn when I pee?’. But only one could win the iPad Mini. Here are our judges’ verdicts….

The stylized roundel above, from Rus Hadda, had the competition licked: ‘It’s exactly like something we’d put on our front cover: A runaway winner!’ said editor-in-chief Tim Arthur. ‘Cockfosters has never been so arousing.’

This gender-symbol version from Doyle, with a similar concept, claimed second place. ‘It’s smart, it’s iconic and it’s equally appealing to women and men. Very nearly won.’

Runner up: Sex In London

Michael Witten’s entry below really hit the spot. Our art director Anthony Huggins remarked: ‘very clever, with some lovely puns on tube station names. Also just dissimilar enough to the tube map that TFL wouldn’t sue us for using it. Which is always a bonus.’  :

A, er, 'stylised' tube map.

This entry from Craig Constantinou had the full package. ‘‘He’s not the only entrant to turn a London landmark into a cock. But his cock is the nicest’ said Huggins:

Ding dong!

This filthy tube map from Nadia Tahari and friends creased us up:

An innuendo-laden tube map.

And we simply had to raise awareness of Lauren Turner‘s plight:

Missing: my sex life.

Loved Marie‘s steamy sapphic sketch:

Sapphic sketches.

Ross Bingham broke out the suggestive pixels:

Pixellated people.

And Natalie Taylor‘s stylish kiss illustration completed our top 10:

A nice hand-drawn kiss.

But we’re not done yet! Here come the best of the rest…

David Janes‘ illustration makes ‘he really makes my bascules pivot’ the euphemism of 2013:

'Let's just say he makes my bridge lift up and down.'

Satish Thiagarajan saw the smut in the city’s skyline:

A sexy skyline.

Matteo Farinella’s cartoony take was cool, too:

Shock. Horror.

Alex France smashes heteronormativity:

Whatever it is that turns you on, enjoy.

A riotous, raunchy collage from Sam Fowler:

A riotous collage.

And another collage from Time Out’s very own Becky Redman:

Another collage from Time Out's own Becky Redman.

We went bananas for WTF Creative‘s fruity proposal:

We went bananas for this one:

While Emily Lydford‘s version was a bit of a crepe-shoot:

Pancake penis.

A window in Londoners’ sex lives from Emily McDonnell:

 This design from Sophie Novak really popped:

This design really pops.

 If you thought the horsemeat burger scandal was bad, you won’t want a portion of what Ellen Wishart’s serving:

Sex and burgers: the things Time Out does best

And if all these innuendos are too oblique for you, don’t worry – Thom Have just drew a big willy, explaining ‘All I want in life is ‘appiness.’ Thanks Thom! We recommend holding this one up against you anytime you need a comedy costume.

A dick doodle.

Don’t judge a sex survey by its cover – discover the intriguing results here.

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