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London Fashion Week AW 2013 according to Instagram

Posted at 3:00 pm, February 19, 2013 in Shopping & Style

Another season, another London Fashion Week. Were you one of the lucky few who took to the FROW at one of the hot shows? No? Well, it’s lucky that we’re here to show you exactly what you were missing. Here’s what went down backstage, on the street and on the catwalk according to instagram. Carly-Ann Clements

People were super excited about attending:

Some showed it more than others:

And some were just deliriously happy:

 Some real shit was said by some fashion girl:

While this guy wasn’t allowed to say anything at all:

It seemed sunnier at Fashion Week than the rest of London:

So SPF protection was key:

Though some may have taken it too far:

Pop Chips were the official snack of choice:

And burgers were the after hours indulgence:

Rainbows are so in this season:

We mean really in:

So in, some of the catering staff were even inspired:

Body parts were left strewn all over the place:

Some even got confused for items of clothing:

Fairytales are back in fashion:

Which explains the lion:

The tiger:

And the bear:

But not the horses:

Or the gas masks:

All in all, everyone had a lovely time:

Except for this guy:

And whoever ended up with the drunk manicurist:

For what actually happened, see timeout.com/LFW.

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