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Tonight: five reasons to geek out at SuperLab

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 20, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Can’t resist the draw of comics? Fanboy Adam Fulrath gives five reasons to geek out at SuperLab.

Every comic book nerd loves to sit around and discuss the merits of different super powers, mutant abilities and how science fiction is becoming science fact. Sadly, the conversation rarely gets beyond comparing your favourite ‘X-Men’ storyline with your top time travel-film (‘Looper’ or ‘Primer’?). Comic book convention SuperLab is looking to change that by bringing real-world experience to two themed, interactive events: ‘Draw’ takes place Wednesday February 20 and ‘Crime’ on February 27.

1. It won’t be your usual group of fanboys.

The organisers aren’t just passionate about comic books, they’re science PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from UCL and Goldsmiths. Meaning they’ll have a real understanding of how Iron Man’s thrusters work long distance without a big tank of fuel.

2. Your super power will be revealed.

Who wouldn’t want to know what super powers they posess? Stalls will be set up to test your skills at cheating a lie detector, say, or brainwashing – just like Professor X.

3. You’ll learn Batman’s skills.

The ‘Crime’ event will cover crime scene analysis research on fingerprinting, analysing explosives and processing soil prints. Okay, soil prints are about as exciting as a‘WildStorm’ comic, but SuperLab also covers how science explains artistic ability and whether illegal drugs can improve creativity.

4. You can go behind the scenes.

Artists Alice Shirley and Matteo Farinella will be on hand to talk about the process of creating a comic book at the ‘Draw’ event. They’ll also have supplies to help you get illustrating.

5. It’s free. And it’s at a bar.

The perfect combo for embracing your inner Tony Stark.

Wed Feb 20 and Feb 27 7.30pm. Free. Bedroom Bar, 62-68 Rivington St, EC2A 3AY. Shoreditch High St Overground. For info, see SuperLab listing.

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