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Your new favourite filmmaker: Don Hertzfeldt

Posted at 1:00 pm, May 1, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

This Friday at the ICA, our very own Tom Huddleston and Little White Lies’s David Jenkins present a tribute to one of the world’s most inventive, intelligent and oddly overlooked writer-directors, Texas-based DIY cartoonist Don Hertzfeldt. Over two decades, Hertzfeldt has almost single-handedly created seven short films – which range from the sardonic slapstick comedy of ‘Billy’s Balloon‘ (see above) to the universe-spanning existentialism of ‘The Meaning of Life‘ – and has just completed his debut not-quite-feature, the 65-minute comic tragedy ‘It’s Such a Beautiful Day‘. The story of a lonely man who finds his world gradually falling to pieces thanks to a combination of hereditary mental illness, bad medication, lost love and the sheer meaninglessness of modern existence, the film combines rich philosophical insight, hilarious black comedy and a sense of universal awe at the mysteries of existence which has seen the film compared to the best of Stanley Kubrick.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day‘ is on release at the ICA from Friday, accompanied by two short films. ‘The Don Hertzfeldt Experience’, featuring five short films, the feature film, an extended introduction and a party in the ICA bar, takes place on Friday from 8pm. Book now at ica.org.uk.

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