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Bricking it: LEGO London landmarks

Posted at 4:30 pm, May 3, 2013 in Fun London
St Pancras © Warren Elsmore

We love LEGO and apparently we aren’t alone. AFOL (adult fans of LEGO) are on the rise and we reckon there will be a few more after people see Warren Elsmore’s new book ‘Brick City: LEGO for Grown Ups’ where he painstakingly creates international landmarks and shows you step by step guides of how to do the same. London gets a good look in with impressively accurate recreations of the Olympic Stadium, St Pancras Station, Westminster Abbey, Battersea Power Station (flying pig included) and Nelson’s Column. If you want to see some of these masterpieces up close, a selection will be on display at Waterstone’s Piccadilly from Tuesday May 7 until June 4. 

Here’s a few sneak previews to get the AFOLs’ pulses racing…

Westminster Abbey © Warren Elsmore

and inside:

Westminster Abbey © Warren Elsmore  © Warren Elsmore Battersea Flying Pig © Warren Elsmore  © Warren Elsmore

Warren Elsmore’s ‘Brick City: LEGO for Grown Ups’ is published by Octopus Books on May 6 for £12.99. 


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