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Take a guided stroll with ‘Walk the Lines’ author Mark Mason

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 4, 2013 in Transport
Walk The Lines, Mark Mason

Underground wunderkind Mark Mason once walked the extent of the tube network on foot, and wrote a great little book about it, ‘Walk The Lines’, which London geeks everywhere should definitely check out.

Now you can join him for an entertaining ninety-minute walk together, covering a stretch of central London tube route with Mark and others. As he explains on his website:

‘On the District Line we’ll learn how long it’s going to take Big Ben to fall over … the Piccadilly Line will reveal why Paul McCartney is the only person allowed to whistle in the Burlington Arcade … while walking the Central Line we’ll discover what Nelson’s coffin is made from.’

You’ll need £8 in (Johnny) cash to join one of Mason’s trivia-enhanced stroll – and the next one is this Sunday May 5, at 2.30pm.

For more details, visit Mark’s website, theimportanceofbeingtrivial.com.

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