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Shop like a local at Tooting’s finest spice merchant

Posted at 2:00 pm, May 8, 2013 in Food & Drink
Deepak Foods, Tooting

One of our favourite food shops is not in Zone 1; has not been expensively shopfitted; and does not run advertising campaigns. It doesn’t need to, as everyone who cooks Indian food in the Tooting area (home to 30,000 Tamils, among other ethnic groups) already knows Deepak. For dried goods and spices, Deepak has no peers; there are more pulses to be taken here than in the whole of the adjacent St George’s Hospital. Malawi toor dahl, urad dahl, channa dahl, and every staple you’ll need to cook Indian food – they’re all under one roof. The range of spices covers everything South Asian and beyond. Regulars have been alarmed to notice Deepak’s landmark buiding on Garratt Lane is now in the process of being demolished. But, as it has merely moved around the corner to a concealed site behind a nearby tyre shop, there’s no need to panic. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. They expect to move back to the previous corner site on Garratt Lane ‘In a year, maybe a year and a half’. Guy Dimond

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