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The Illusionists are coming to blow your mind

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 8, 2013 in Fun London

If the idea of a magic show brings back traumatic memories of sticky kids’ parties, it’s about time that you met ‘The Illusionists’. This team of tricksters are coming to London after selling out massive venues worldwide and they want to sex up magic like Cirque de Soleil revamped circus: think intense pyro, a banging soundtrack from a live rock band featuring the nephew of Nat King Cole and a truckload of impossible-looking tricks. I went down to the press launch today at the Hippodrome and saw a taster of the magic up close. Apart from nearly retching when Dan Sperry,  ‘The Anti-Conjurer’, pulled a string of razor blades out of his throat, I was pretty damn impressed. His motto ‘magic no longer sucks’ seems to be ringing true. I did want to see him pull out a dove out of his face (like in the video above), but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the show for that. ‘This is an onslaught of magic coming at you. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before’, he told me. ‘We want people to be inspired and uplifted. This is an immersive and visceral experience which is 100 times better than just watching it on TV’ said his fellow Illusionist, ‘The Inventor’ Kevin James. Prepare to leave thinking ‘how the frick did they do that?!’ as I did today. Sonya Barber

‘The Illusionists’ will be coming to Hammersmith Apollo on October 11/12. Tickets go on sale on Friday May 10 at 9am at 0844 871 8803 or at theillusionistslive.com.

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