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Highbury and Newington Green, then and now

Posted at 10:30 am, May 9, 2013 in Photos of London
Highbury: Then and Now

‘I like to imagine the boy is going to play football on the same pitches I grew up playing on.’

With some archival photography, a good eye for a camera angle and some solid Photoshopping, Redditor Drewsta1987 created these excellent then-and-now images of the Highbury and Newington Green area. Click any image to enlarge it.

Canonbury tower: then and now

Canonbury Tower: ”The tower stands tall and proud in the area, dating back to 1509. Notable residents include Sir Francis Bacon, and Thomas Cromwell.’

Highbury: then and now

 ‘The most amazing ladder ever. Seriously, just look at that ladder.’

The Edinburgh Pub, then-and-now

‘This is my favourite. I have been going to this pub for years, and was amazed to find this picture.’

Terraced houses, London: then and now

‘This one isn’t as old as the others, obviously, but was the only one I could find. The buildings on the right are the oldest terraced houses in London, dating back to 1658.’

Newington Green: then and now

‘It’s amazing to think the trees I have seen every day for 25+ years are only small little things here.’

Upper Street: then and now

Upper Street: ‘Horrible Photoshop job on this one, sorry. This is the Hope & Anchor pub in 1913 and modern day. Rackstraws was a huge department store before being destroyed in the war. It no longer exists. The pub however, does.’

Highbury Fields 2: then and now

‘Highbury Fields again.’

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