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It’s the London Pet Show this weekend – so here are some cute photos of pets!

Posted at 7:00 pm, May 10, 2013 in Fun London

You can visit the London Pet Show at Earls’ Court this weekend (May 11/12), where there is a whole lot of pet stuff happening. (See the listing for full details.)

Sounds like a great excuse to look at some cute animals. Here, we celebrate the #cutelondonpets of @timeoutlondon followers, like Kate’s delightful kitty above!

First, Sonya ‘Blog Editor’ Barber’s cat Max:


And Guy ‘social media producer’ Parsons’ box-tippin’ cat Smashley:

Smashley, the naughty cat.

The joke is on Theatre Editor Andrzej Lukowski’s cat who cannot read the ironic headline behind him:

@mrlukowski's cat

Digital producer Ashleigh Arnott’s guinea pig Caramel ‘likes house parties’:


Carly ‘The GIF Wrangler’ Clements’ cats are wicker-wicker-wicked:


Bergerac and Colombo are tired of watching Reservoir Dogs:

Bergerac and Columbo thatagnes

M’s bunny has had a bad dream and wonders if he could sleep in with her tonight:


Meg’s guinea pig Glenn is weigh cool:


Helen’s dog is thirsty:


Siobhan’s cat Meg is in the bath:


Simone’s wirehaired dachshund Lewis:

simonesagi lewis

Simone’s cats (different Simone to the above!) Paloma and Alfie looking a bit freaked out:


Daniel’s kitten Riley:

tuckface74 riley

Hayley’s cat Mowgli is “helping with work”:

hola_hayley mowgli

This is Red Cat’s cat, or maybe the cat is called Red Cat:


This duck is someone’s pet:


Tom’s cat is 5 months old, enjoys napping, hopes to travel and wishes for world peace:


Shayda’s dog is sleepy:


And lets round things off with Alfie, the cutest cockapoo in all of London town:


 Need. More. Animals? Check out our guide to London for animal-lovers.

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