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Get a ticket to ride at the Sound Tracks Festival 2013

Posted at 9:15 am, May 11, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
sound tracks © Mark Hucks

As every MP3 player advert will at some point have informed us, everyone enjoys ‘music on the move’. However, Sound Tracks on Saturday May 11 has taken that idea to new extremes. The great thing about this festival is that it is tucked away in crevices of London, rather than plastered all over public venues, and nestles its way along the East London line in Dalston, Hoxton, Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Peckham and on the trains themselves. Let the Overground be your chariot from one cool band to the next and when you’re done gigging, you’re likely to pop up in Dalston for workshops, art or roof parties. The event has only been going the past couple of years, starting off in Peckham, and now has fully expanded to take in more music and culture than you could shake an Oyster card with minus funds at. Enjoy!

For info and full line-up, see soundtracksfestival.co.uk.

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