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Rolling to victory: the Season 5 London Rollergirl Championship

Posted at 5:30 pm, May 17, 2013 in Fun London
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Calling all you rollergirls, fans of ‘Whip It’ and people who find walking a bit dull! You’ll be pleased to know that the London Rollergirls teams are in a very exciting position. As the fifth Intraleague Season finale rolls into view, two teams of wheeled wonders are about to take on each other in the grand championship this weekend, as the Harbour Grudges take on the Suffra Jets for 3rd place, and Steam Rollers face the Untraviolent Femmes in a fight to the DEATH. Or at least to the partially bruised. So ready your eyes to be blinded by blurry ladies and mega fluorescent outfits in this very exciting clash of the titans.

Also hanging around will be the For Book’s Sake organisation selling an upcoming anthology in the best roller derby fiction in town (think more JK Rolling than Rowling). Produced in collab with LRG, Derby Shorts has lots of fantastic stories about lusty rebellion and post-apocalyptic London. YAY, our favourites. So once all the fun and games have finished, you can quench your roller-thirst more with some light reading.

Get down to Tottenham Green Leisure Centre on Saturday 18 at 4pm. For more info, see their Facebook page.

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