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How to survive Nike’s We Own The Night run

Posted at 11:30 am, May 18, 2013 in Fun London
Nell Frizzell

If you thought running through the night was the sole preserve of train lines, electricity generators and TRON, then think again. This evening (May 18), Nike’s We Own The Night 10km sweatfest will hit Victoria Park at 8pm. So, gals, here’s how to keep on trucking without trucking up…

1. Stay realistic
10km actually isn’t that far. You’ve probably walked that on one of those weirdly righteous Sunday strolls we sometimes take after a night on the tiles. Most of us could do it in an hour and a half without really training and a fittie like you will have no trouble getting to the finish line. Just pace yourself.

2. Ace of pace
If you feel tired, jog slower or walk. Don’t stop. Because, like trying to put a car into fifth gear while going up Everest, it’s a lot harder to build your momentum from a standing start.

Also – and believe me, I know how hard this is – try to think of this as a run, not a race. Unless you are very confident that you’d be happy to lose, don’t try to win. Overtaking people can give you a great ego-boost, but to then see that same person stroll passed you at 9.3km might just finish you off.

3. Get excited, don’t get hungry
If adrenaline were a man, by God, I would marry that man. Life is more exciting, more memorable and a lot more more fun with adrenaline. It helps you achieve things you never thought possible and try things you never thought probable.

But, do not let excitement and adrenaline get in the way of your appetite. This is your time to shine, food-wise. During a 10km run you’re probably going to burn up hundreds of calories. That’s entire meals. So, for the love of chewing, make sure you’ve eaten enough in the day to sustain yourself.

4. Don’t get bored
While your legs take care of business, you’ll need something to occupy your mind. Audio books, podcasts and music are all great. Something that will keep you entertained and engaged for an hour or two is worth all the energy drinks, deodorant and nipple plasters put together. Save chatting to the people around you for the lap of honour later.

5. Be proud
Talking of honour, there are few times in our lives when we actually let ourselves feel really proud of our bodies. It’s seen as vain, arrogant, unpatriotic even. Well, skip that for a game of hopscotch. If you’ve run 10km then that is great and your legs are a super set of stems. So enjoy your achievement, be reassured by it. Perhaps, even, see if it can last. You never know, this running thing might be the beginning of a beautiful habit. Nell Frizzell

For more info, see nike.com.

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