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London to turn into ‘Isle of Death’ in 2080

Posted at 12:30 pm, May 22, 2013 in News

London, Island of Death

The ‘Isle of Death’ may sound like a new Indiana Jones film, but in reality it isn’t quite that fun as experts are claiming London will face soaring temperatures of up to 40C in the summer. ‘London actually getting hot? As if!’ I hear you cry. But before you start busting out the factor 100, be warned that these dramatic weather effects aren’t due to take place until 2080 and could actually be deadly. The study was taken by Manhattan experts, in an investigation of greenhouse gas scenarios to predict temperature-related deaths. ‘The impact of warming temperatures on population health is of increasing concern to health practitioners and policy makers,’ said Prof Patrick Kinney of Columbia University ‘with vulnerable Londoners most at risk’. The Prof has a point. So enjoy wearing those four pairs of tights under your trousers this August whilst you can before London turns into a post-apocalyptic ball of fire. Still, any excuse for a pair of new shades, right?

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