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New event from Secret Garden Party brings the Sunday papers to life

Posted at 6:00 pm, May 23, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Cecil Sharp House [Photo: Philip John Jones, http://flic.kr/p/9SCBwH]

From the people that bring you Secret Garden Party and Wilderness Festival comes this radical “live” take on reading the Sunday papers in your kitchen over a hot cup of coffee. We weren’t aware that we hadn’t been “live” previously, though admittedly we can have a waft of the undead about us some Sunday mornings. This broadsheet experience is at Cecil Sharp House on Sunday, May 26, has a bar, and could make you dance on the tables. They’ve assembled a mighty, festivalesque line-up of performers, musicians, comedians, poets, talkers and artists from all areas of a Sunday paper’s contents (art, fashion, politics, sport…) across four rooms and 12 hours. Plus there’ll be food, walks and kids’ entertainment from The Village Hall troupe, too…

Bring a pair of slippers (it’s shoes-off at the door) and enjoy 15-25-minute conversations between people like artist Gavin Turk and journalist Francesca Gavin and fashion designer Katharine Hamnett and BBC presenter James Coomarasamy, or enjoy the section from Sunday Papers Live’s very own ‘columnist’ (ie comedy from Alfie Brown). Elsewhere, there’ll be a ‘giant living room’ to relax in, £15 mini massages and nail art from Lost in Beauty and the opportunity to go on a philosophy or a ‘full body listening walk’ (yes, really) for £5 extra. In true Sunday tradition, though, you won’t want to miss their special long-table roast from chef Tom Hunt. Banquets are at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm and its £15 for two courses of food that sounds good enough (slow-roast Dorset Lamb with rosemary, anyone?) to make even Monday seem joyous. Suddenly puts the wonders of the motor supplement into stark perspective though, doesn’t it?

Those are just the headlines. For more information see the listing or the Sunday Papers website for the full line-up.

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