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Get Up All Night To Get Lucky: Daft Punk parties this weekend

Posted at 11:01 am, May 24, 2013 in Music & Nightlife

Daft Punk

The world’s gone Daft Punk potty! And no part of it more so than London, where the nightlife scene’s reaction to new album Random Access Memories has been to put on a shedload of parties in its honour. Head to the Queen of Hoxton on Friday (May 24), where the Wild Life and Love Sick crews are throwing a special Daft Punk tribute stuffed full of the robots’ own disco, funk and house jams. They’re fully encouraging DP-themed costumes, too. Around the corner at Shoreditch’s Catch, meanwhile, they’ve a party with a similar dress-up theme, Human After All: A Celebration of Daft Punk, and plenty of speaker-shaking Daft Punk classics. May the robot helmets be out in force!

For less ravey happenings, Hackney Picturehouse will be screening the anime visualisation of the robots’ 2001 Discover album, Interstella 555, followed by a party in the cinema’s gallery bar on May 24. Over at The Vaults in south London Longplay, the night where classic albums get played in full for the audience, will be blasting out Random Access Memories in full on Sunday (May 26).

Think what you like of Random Access Memories, but there’s still no denying Daft Punk’s all-conquering pulling power.

Or that the hidden treat in the Get Lucky YouTube video, at round-about 2:20, is too awesome:

Hear our favourite cover versions here.

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