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Top ten London street pussies

Posted at 8:30 am, May 24, 2013 in Photos of London

Top 10 Capital KittiesYou know what would be an amazing idea? If someone put together a huge list of photos of cats and put them on the internet.

Luckily for us, you, and the universe, someone has finally decided that would be a pretty good idea. After seeing the strange phenomenon of ‘lots of cats outside and stuff’, Simon Bromley and Yogamaya Von Hippel made the ingenious decision to orchestrate a blog called ‘Street Pussy‘ celebrating London’s finest felines, putting together the purr-diest cats with interesting London backdrops.

The list of capital kitties is ever-growing, with the empire flooding so far to:

*Colliers Wood

The furry critters have made quite a frenzy online already, with Yogamaya collating over 400 photos of the city kitties so far. So what are the ‘Top 10 London Cats of All Time’ we hear you wail? Well, calm down and have a scroll down at some of these little cuties.

*Dermot O Leary voice* Right. In no particular order…

Top 10 Capital Kitties IMG_1882 copy IMG_1927 copy IMG_2873 copy IMG_4929 copy IMG_5180 copy IMG_5789 copy IMG_6356 copy IMG_6764 copy photo445 copy

Find more kitties at streetpussy.tumblr.com and submit your own ball of fluff now.

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