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Buy One Direction tickets here!

Posted at 8:00 am, May 25, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
One Direction concert

OMG guys! Guys! *shriek!* We have the most exciting news! The absolute best, fittest, most talented boy band on the planet are touring again, and we can all go, because you can buy tickets tomorrow (Saturday May 25) right here! Harry will probably wink right at us. Zayn will probably invite us backstage. Louis will definitely make a witty comment about how pretty we are and Liam will obviously sing us a special solo. And Niall will, er, be there! Just in case you don’t know how absolutely brilliant they are, here are five reasons you should definitely buy One Direction tickets

One Direction with puppies

1. They’d make the best boyfriends
That rumour about what Harry said to Matt Cardle is so not true, he’s obviously the perfect gentleman. They’re all so grown-up, sensible and handsome, we can’t imagine better guys to look after us and hold our labrador puppies for us

One Direction art

2. They inspire the ultimate fan art
Every band worth their pop hits will have fans so devoted they choose to spend their spare time crafting art work in tribute to their favourite band member, whether for a shrine, a personal project, or to be posted to the subject in an envelope sealed with love (lip gloss). 1D’s fans are VERY artistic

One Direction chinos
3. They’re bringing chinos back
Well, they’ve basically already conquered the chino world, haven’t they? They’re now the staple legwear of every style-savvy chap in the UK, and if there must be a ubiquitous fashion bottom, we’re glad it’s the chino. Little Mix brought nothing but bad news to tween girl fashion, after all.

One direction dolls

4. They have their own dolls
Did Hanson ever have their own dolls? No. Did E17? No! Did Westlife? Oh, er, yeah they did actually. DID THE BEATLES? Hell no. Ergo, 1D > The Beatles. Maths is well easy.

One Direction lyrics

5. Their lyrics are inspirational
‘The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed’, ‘You keep making me weak/Yeah, frozen and can’t breathe’, ‘If I’m louder, would you see me?’, ‘I wanna stay up all night/And find a girl and tell her she’s the one’
Bob Dylan must feel like an effing chump.

That’s it, we’re convinced. Buy One Direction tickets here from 10am TODAY!

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