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The EDL bring their message of hate to London

Posted at 6:00 pm, May 28, 2013 in News

Fascist EDL Whitehall Protest © Flickr: David Holt

Britain’s fascists marauded through Central London on Bank Holiday Monday as the EDL marched to Downing Street intent on getting their message of race hate and social division across to the mainstream. The method they chose may not have been exactly media savvy – it involved drinking lager, pulling scary faces and yelling – but it was certainly forceful: the sight of several hundred boozy, skinheaded lunatics rampaging through the capital was genuinely disturbing, however idiotic their platform and predictable their behaviour. A counter-demo organised by Unite Against Fascism attracted an equally impassioned crowd, but their numbers were strictly controlled by the police, who seemed intent on dividing and controlling the anti-fascist contingent, presumably because it was easier than attempting to shut down the EDL. Also on hand were the ‘real’ EDL, aka English Disco Lovers, whose mobile disco cart resulted in a series of bizarre juxtapositions, as an aggressive police crackdown was soundtracked by Candi Staton’s ‘Young Hearts Run Free’. The day ended with 13 arrests, all of them EDL supporters, as the gang ran riot in Trafalgar Square following the demo. We don’t think that’s the kind of freedom Candi had in mind…

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