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11 reasons to love Al Pacino (that you didn’t know about)

Posted at 2:30 pm, May 30, 2013 in Fun London
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Can you quote ‘Scarface’ with little-to-no prompting? Does your temperature rise whenever ‘Heat’ is on TV? Do you think that ‘The Godfather’ is the best film ever (other than ‘The Godfather: Part II’)? Then we have a treat for you. Hollywood icon and legendary Oscar winner Al Pacino is bringing his world famous ‘An Evening with Pacino‘ to London for the first time ever. The superstar actor will be taking to the London Palladium stage on Sunday June 2 where he will be recounting almost five decades’ worth of stories from Broadway shows and blockbuster films. To celebrate his London show, we’ve put together some of the less obvious reasons to love the magnificent Al Pacino. Carly-Ann Clements

1. The original banner for Facebook featured the image of a young Al Pacino

pacino facebook

2. James Franco’s ‘Cruising’ was based on the 1980 Al Pacino film of the same name


3. This ‘Dunkaccino’ advert from ‘Jack and Jill’

4. And speaking of coffee: cALpaccinos – they exist. Probably


5. He hangs out with Christopher Walken and pretends to be a zombie

zombie pacino

6. This wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t exist

7. He was such a sport when this happened

8. This head shot

head shot

9. Even in serious actor mode, he’s a cheeky one

10. He shouts. A lot

11. And lastly, he was willing to wear this wig for his art

pacino as phil spector

You can see ‘An Evening with Pacino’ on June 2 at London Palladium. For more info and to buy tickets, see timeout.com.

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