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A whistle stop tour of Eleanor Crow’s London watercolours

Posted at 8:00 am, May 30, 2013 in Fun London

Eleanor Crow is an illustrator and book cover designer for Faber and Faber who studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Central St. Martins. We’re particularly fond of her watercolours inspired by the streets of London that include colourful shopfronts, ageing buildings, faded signs, unusual lettering, striking patterns and dapper passers-by. Here she takes us on a whistle-stop watercolour tour of some places in London that she could not resist drawing. Jude Brosnan

Anderson’s Bakery, Hoxton Street N1

Andersons Hoxton St. © Eleanor Crow
This is a thriving, lively bakery – particularly busy when the Hoxton Street market is open. I loved the tiled frontage, the lettering, and the little image of the baker on the front, with his wooden peel.

Arthur’s Café, Kingsland Road E8

Arthur’s is wonderful, both as a café, and for its classic frontage – the lettering, the tiles, the colours. Anyone who has ever lived or worked nearby knows and loves this café.

Flats, Clapton Pond E5

This is Gooch House, on the Kenninghall Road, build in 1964. It had red details for years, but was repainted in a sunny yellow not too long ago. It’s a landmark on Clapton Pond.

Flats, Old Street N1

This stands on the corner of Pitfield Street and Old Street. I liked the details of the windows and balconies, and the corner overhanging the entrance.

Savoy Café, Graham Road E8

This art deco café was much loved, despite being closed for years; I was shocked when the council allowed a new business to rip away the exterior and replace it with something non-descript. I’m surprised someone didn’t take on the lease and revive the café in its historic guise.

Tea Rooms, Museum Street WC2

This is another lovely café, in Holborn, that has sadly closed. The frontage was just lovely, and people still write nostalgically about it. The current owner has painted it a dull black, and it’s no longer a café.

Want to see more? Check out eleanorcrow.com.

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