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Bids and giggles: Marcel Lucont’s comedy auction

Posted at 2:30 pm, May 31, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Marcel Lucont

Almost anything is up for auction these days: comic books, caravans, single cornflakes (true story)… Now, ‘comedy show’ can be added to that list, as sardonic French stand-up Marcel Lucont has launched his new show ‘À La Carte’. The suave comedian is performing two shows in London, on July 13 and 16. Where? Oh, wherever the highest bidder chooses. Both shows are up for auction on Lucont’s website, with the bidding starting at 99p. Of course, some rules are in place, such as ‘Monsieur Lucont will not perform underwater’ and ‘No dicks’, but the location and time of performance is pretty much up to you. Fancy a stand-up show in your living room/car/prison cell? Get bidding then…

For info, see marcellucont.com.

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