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See ‘Private Lives’ for only a tenner

Posted at 10:30 am, May 31, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Deals
Private Lives

Always wanted to become a culture buff, but just don’t have the cash to achieve it? Join the club. A recent survey – carried out by the Stage – showed that ticket prices for the best seats at some of London’s most popular shows have risen to the whopping average of £81.05. But just before you wail angrily at the world and ask why everything is just SO expensive, Time Out has good news. We can help in your noble quest for arty experiences.

For the price of two pints and a packet of crisps, Time Out is selling tickets to the best seats in the house for the new and critically-lauded production of ‘Private Lives’ which will transfer from Chichester Festival theatre to the Gielgud theatre in the West End at the end of June.

Noel Coward’s steamy play about a divorced couple who meet on holiday and decide to embark on a passionate affair, with no regard for their current spouses, stars Toby Stephens and Anna (Duckface) Chancellor. Johnathan Kent’s production has been called ‘two hours of continuous pleasure’ and is likely to be one of those performances people will refer to at dinner parties (‘Did you see his “Hamlet?” ‘No, but I saw his “Private Lives.”’) for years to come.

Time Out is selling the best seats in the house exclusively for £10, so now is the chance to begin your new, enriched life. But let’s be clear on one thing:  wearing a beret at a jaunty angle does not add weight to your newfound status as culture-god/ess.

Buy tickets now at timeout.com.

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