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Star in your own personal horror film in a Camden hotel

Posted at 10:00 am, June 6, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment


You know when you’re cosying up to watch the latest blood-strewn horror flick, and you turn to your bud and sigh, ‘I wish *I* was being strangled by a disembodied corpse’s hand right now!’? Well, weirdos, you’re in luck.

To celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release of ‘Mama’, Universal Studios have lovingly set up the Holiday Inn in Camden Lock to be your very own live-in horror experience in a hotel room. No, they don’t just take away the complimentary tea-bags; behold a fate even scarier than that, if you can. Just like the shaken young abandoned girls in the log cabin, expect your room to be steeped in darkness, spooky phone calls, and sporadic guest appearances to see if YOU can #surviveMama. And we thought our awkward dalliances with room service were petrifying enough as it was…

For your chance to stay in the hotel, visit survivemama.eventbrite.co.ukThe fun and games begin on June 10, and Mama is released on DVD/Blu-ray on the 17.

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