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Cheer Team Time Out to cycling glory this weekend

Posted at 8:00 am, June 7, 2013 in News

Time Out
What are you up to this Saturday evening? Because we’ll be pelting round Smithfield on a very expensive bicycle, nose-to-tail with some of the country’s finest and fastest cyclists. So, if it’s not too much trouble, we’d very much like it if you came down to cheer us on (or even better, lob a few banana skins under the wheels of the other guys).

Well, not us personally – we struggle to get up Pentonville Road without having an asthma attack – but rather the Time Out-emblazoned cyclists who’ll be competing in this weekend’s IG London Nocturne on our behalf, taking on the street course around Smithfield Market in the Elite Criterium at 9.30pm in a bid for Wiggo-grade glory.

If sweaty calf muscles and preposterously tight Lycra aren’t your thing, there’s less serious (but still fiercely competitive) frivolity on the cards. The Time Out London Folding Bike Race kicks off at 4.30pm, 4.50pm (heats) and 8.30pm (final), while the semi-legendary Penny Farthing Race is happening at 7.10pm.

It’s free to head along and spectate, or you can grab a grandstand ticket for £35. We’ll see you at the bar for either champagne (if we win) or horrible, tear-diluted beer (if we don’t).

See our London Nocturne listing for full details.

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