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London Grumblr choose their five secret London spots

Posted at 6:15 pm, June 20, 2013 in Secret London, Top 5
Barbican conservatory

Do you come here often? If so, you’re likely to be aware that this blog is mighty fond of the good old gif. A little moving picture is worth a thousand hilarious words. London Grumblr collates feelings that all Londoners share, and expresses them in gif format, and if it you don’t associate with more than 80% of them, we’ll eat our animated hats. Kathryn and Dora, who created London Grumblr, have kindly chosen their five secret London spots for us, plus the gifs that represent them.

‘We don’t actually want to tell you about this, but the brother bar to Bunga Bunga and Maggie’s gave us one of the best nights we’d had in ages so, somewhat reluctantly, here are the details. Sequestered in an apartment block of Sloane Avenue, this tiny speakeasy has a massive list of cocktails, great bar snacks and – our particular favourite – a piano man who takes requests. Not too empty, not too full, everyone is there to have a good time and there were surprisingly few city boys. Don’t tell your friends, we’d like it to stay the same.’

Wink gif

Le Mercury & Le Mercury Deuxieme
‘These bistros, both smack bang in the middle of Islington’s Upper Street, are perfect for all occasions. First dates, dinner with the girls, your parents in town – especially if you’re paying. The select menu has something for everyone, although portions are on the small side. And at £17 for three courses, you’re not going to end up like this poor panda.’

Panda at a restaurant

Postman’s Park
‘If you’re ever in the St Paul’s area, this is a great little lunch spot. The most unique feature is the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice, where plaques commemorate those who died trying to save others. They date from the 1880s-1930s and the youngest hero was aged just eight. Bring your Kleenex.’


Soho Joe
‘Although the prices have gone up recently, it’s still the best value pizza in Soho – £8! There is always a candlelit table available for hungry West Enders, however big your group. And because everyone pays when they order, they’ll be no awkward bill-splitting at the end. What more could you ask for?’


Barbican Rooftop Conservatory
‘This is, hands down, the best place in London to go if you want to feel a million miles away from the city, but don’t actually have the time (or budget) to escape to a rainforest. The Rooftop Conservatory houses exotic birds and fish and thousands of tropical plants (see pic at top). It’s impossible not to feel like this:

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