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Aliens are coming, and they’re heading to E17

Posted at 5:30 pm, June 21, 2013 in Secret London, Technology
ET visits Walthamstow

If you ever see strange objects floating in the sky above Walthamstow, it’s usually because you’ve spent a few too many hours drinking fancy lagers in the Bell.

But it seems that even without alcoholic encouragement, residents of E17 are prone to spotting bizarre airborne activity. As revealed by a new app that maps 25 years worth of UK UFO sightings, the area is London’s biggest hotspot for flying saucer sightings – there are 12 reports in total for the postcode, which vary from hovering triangles to soaring, wing-shaped craft.

And it’s not just Walthamstow. Other areas of the city of particular interest to intergalactic travellers include Harrow (11 sightings), Bromley (10 sightings) and Croydon (10 sightings). There are also scores of records in and around Slough, but given that it’s in the Heathrow flightpath, let’s take that with a hefty lump of salt, eh?

UFO Files UK (the app in question) includes information taken from more than 5,000 reported sightings and more than 400 pages of original files, some complete with sketches. The image below is taken form a report filed in 1993, which describes a ‘very bright oval shaped object’ spotted over London Fields.

Apparently, when asked which planet he thought the object was from, the witness simply sighed and said, ‘I could tell you, but you’ve probably never heard of it’ *ba-dum tsssh*. David Clack

UFO Files UK is available for iPad and iPhone, priced 69p, visit the Apple store.

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