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Exchange a good deed at the Foundling Museum

Posted at 2:00 pm, June 24, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Exchange at the Foundling Museum

There’s something fairly intimidating about entering a room full of 1000 perfectly lined-up cup and saucers concealing 1000 good deeds – one of which you will pick at random and possibly promise to do. Well, at least that’s how I felt as I entered Clare Twomey’s ‘Exchange’ installation at the Foundling Museum. Clare is inviting ten museum-goers each day (picked at random) to select a good cup/deed in an attempt to get people spreading the love out in the real world. It’s up to you which cup you pick, but you only get one chance. If you choose to accept your designated deed, you’ll be given the cup to take home and asked to feed back to the museum on how you get on. No one will be checking up on you, this is a pact between you and your conscience. 

Sonya Barber: Exchange at the Foundling Museum

Armed with the knowledge that the deeds ranged from easy (‘smile more’, ‘make someone a cup of tea’) to the more challenging  (‘don’t use plastic bags for a year’) and on to the almost impossible (‘adopt a child’), choosing a cup was pretty intense. You hover over one thinking that it feels right, but heck, they all feel kind of like that. In the end, you just have to bite the bullet and turn one over.

Exchange at the Foundling Museum

So here it is, my good deed. Holy heck. The mere idea of sick children starts me welling up but hey, that’s what this whole thing is all about. Taking you out of your comfort zone and guiding you on a path to an altruistic deed.

I highly recommend going down to the Foundling Museum anyway and this is the perfect excuse. Even if you don’t get picked to take a deed, you can still look at all the saucers left behind and see what people have pledged to do. And just maybe it will give you a few ideas to get out there and do something nice for someone. Even if that is just making your workmate a cup of tea. Sonya Barber

For more info, see the Exchange: 1000 Good Deeds listing or if you can’t get down to the museum, pick a good deed online at exchange.foundlingmuseum.org.uk.

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