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The five wildest, coolest film events in London this week

Posted at 12:30 pm, June 24, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Every Monday we’ll be rounding up the five most exciting leftfield film events happening in London over the coming week, from pop-ups and one-offs to regular film clubs, outdoor screenings and festivals. Here’s what you need to be seeing this week…

East End Film Festival, various venues, Jun 25 to  Jul 10

A scorching selection of new features, documentaries, short films, workshops, parties, happenings, lectures – everything you could want from a film festival, and all in London’s fashionable back yard. Our highlight is Noah Baumbach’s charming indie comedy ‘Frances Ha’.

We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, Frontline Club, 7pm, Fri Jun 28.

How one white-haired Aussie oddball became Public Enemy No 1. ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’ director Alex Gibney will be on hand to introduce his in-depth new documentary about the notorious secret-sharing website and its enigmatic leader.

 The Duke Mitchell Film Club, King’s Cross Social Club, 7pm. Wed Jun 26.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club screens wild, long-forgotten exploitation oddities from around the globe. This evening’s event is enticingly titled ’Hong Kong Madness’, and the main event will be screening of the Shaw Brothers’ gritty 1983 stunt thriller ‘The Men From the Gutter’.

Savage Cinema presents ‘Sorcerer’, Roxy Bar & Screen, 8pm. Tue Jun 25.

An extremely rare opportunity to catch William Friedkin’s intense, controversial remake of classic jungle thriller ‘The Wages of Fear’, starring Roy Schieder as a crook hired to cart a truckful of explosives across the Amazon. A handful of the director’s hard-to-find (but highly regarded) TV works will also screen.

Sci-fi All-nighter, Prince Charles Cinema, 9.30pm, Fri Jun 28.

Spend the whole night in space with an extremely high quality selection of sci-fi stormers. There’s really not a dud in the bunch, from classics like ‘Alien’ (1979) and John Carpenter’s clammy remake of ‘The Thing’ to lesser-known (but just as wonderful) oddities like anti-Reagan satire ‘They Live’ (1988) and Stephen King adaptation ‘The Mist’ (2007).

You can see a whole host of different film events at Time Out’s film events page here.

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