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Tour de Festivals: get on your bike and cycle to a festival this year

Posted at 12:30 pm, June 25, 2013 in Music & Nightlife, Transport

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Are you going to Glastonbury? Have you still not worked out how you are getting there? You’ll probably already be in hilarious festival costumes including spandex, so why not go up against the hard-core Lycra Tour De France bikers and cycle to a festival this summer? Jude Brosnan

Pannier bags can hold a lot (of glitter) and if you cycle in a convoy you can divide your luggage amongst yourselves or even arrange to have it sent ahead. It is a great chance to embrace the true festival feeling of being at one with nature and becoming a green cycling machine.

Before you scoff, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Sustrans are backing this idea and they are pretty sensible about this kind of thing. In fact, they’ve provided us with some National Cycle Network routes that will take you from London to some of our favourite festivals:

To Glastonbury:
– Take the National Route 4 from Waterloo out through West London
– Follow this across the country through Maidenhead, Newbury, and onto Bath
– Pick up the National route 410 and then National Route 3 which winds down into Glastonbury.

To Latitude:
– Take the National Route 1 from the London Docklands
– Follow this all the way up the country through Chelmsford, Colchester and Ipswich
– Join the Regional Route 42 and cycle down country roads to the festival

To Bestival:
– Take the National Route 4 from Waterloo out through West London.
– In Chertsey join the National Route 223 and follow this down to Guildford where you join the National Route 22 to Rowledge
– There’s a short section of cycling on roads between Rowledge and Alton – where you can pick up the National Route 224
– At Medstead join the National Route 23 and follow it down into Ocean Village in Southampton
– Catch the ferry to the Cowes on the Isle of Wight
– The National Route 23 starts again in Cowes and leads to Newport – and from Newport you’ll need to cycle down Long Lane to get to the festival site.

These are all a mixture of on road and traffic-free journeys. If you want more detailed info, go to cyclestreets.net which gives a range of routes and the option of picking one which is off road or more direct.

However, if you fancy doing it for charity there are a couple of organised rides leaving from London. You’ll be raising money, feeling amazingly fit and best of all, they carry your luggage for you.

Tour De Latitude:
M&S are supporting this ride and encouraging festival-goers to reduce their carbon footprint and raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. You will be fueled by M&S food en route. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a guest upgrade to your ticket so you can have a nice shower. Bikes will be securely stored during the festival and if you want they can take them back to your starting point and put you on a coach. This is free but you are asked to raise at least £150 so get those sponsorship forms rotating.

Bike to Bestival:
This group raise money for Cancer Research by cycling from London in a leisurely paced, musician led, party peloton. It goes without saying that in true Bestival style you are encouraged to dress up. That goes for your bike too. To get involved keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on this year’s ride.

Find out more and win tickets to this summer’s hottest festivals.

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