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This miracle water-repelling spray may be about to change your life

Posted at 6:15 pm, June 27, 2013 in Technology

Is it nerdy and uncool to be this excited about the latest development in the world of household aerosol products? Probably, but we don’t care – you HAVE to check this out. NeverWet is about to arrive in American stores, and, if it makes it across the Atlantic, its stain and spill-stopping power could cause some sort of revolution.  No need to rub your eyes – astonishingly this spray is a legitimate product and, as seen in the video above, will repel water, mud, ice and many other liquid from nearly any solid surface. All of which means that the nightmarish scenario of dropping your phone down the loo; the tedious task of cleaning your shoes after a night out, and the embarrassing gravy splodge on your chinos could all potentially be avoided. No, this has nothing to do with London but we wanted to share it with you anywho.

Whether this product will ever come to Britain remains to be seen (and if it does, surely it can’t be that good for you?!), but for more information visit the NeverWet website.

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