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Honky Tonk: Chelsea’s very own ‘Man v. Food’ hot dog eating competition

Posted at 5:30 pm, July 1, 2013 in Competition, Food & Drink, Fun London
Honky Tonk, Chelsea

We’ve all seen ‘Man v. Food’ and at some stage brazenly claimed ‘I could totally do that… were it not for the lack of carnivorous challenges in London (compared to the USA)’. Well people, there are no excuses this time. Chelsea’s very own (extra-large) slice of New York, Honky Tonk Restaurant, will be hosting ‘The Inaugural Honky Tonk Honk-Dog Eating Competition’. It’s a mouthful in all respects.

This belt-busting challenge will see courageous culinary competitors attempt to polish off ten ‘Honk-Dogs’ (or hot dogs as you may know them) in a mere ten minutes. If successful, contestants will win a t-shirt, the privilege of a picture of their bloated, ketchup-smeared faces on the ‘Wall of Awesomeness’ and most probably a two-hour state of immobility.

The challenge is £20 if unsuccessful (and free for those who succeed). If you think you can stomach it, visit the competition Facebook page to book your place.

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