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Scratch, sniff and spew: see John Waters’s ‘Polyester’ in Odorama

Posted at 4:00 pm, July 1, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

By 1981’s ‘Polyester’, director John Waters had been outraging middle-America for over a decade. His films featured characters who fought, swore, cross-dressed, slept around and ate dog shit (for real). How could he continue to push this already trash-stuffed envelope? By engaging the other senses! And thus was born Odorama: a scratch ‘n’ sniff card handed out to viewers of his latest movie, to enable them to experience even more vividly the exploits of Waters’s monstrous, decadent anti-heroes. With smells ranging from pizza to model glue to – ahem – ‘natural gas’, viewing ‘Polyester’ as its director intended promises to be a truly unique experience. This one-off screening on July 4 is being hosted by the producers of this year’s upcoming Scalarama festival, an explosive celebration of all things offbeat and subversive in cinema.

You can learn more about the festival at scalarama.com, and about the special Polyester screening at roxybarandscreen.com. And remember to keep checking timeout.com/film for more wild, wacky and unexplainable film screenings in London.

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