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Will this secret society change your life?

Posted at 1:00 pm, July 2, 2013 in Secret London

How do you know when you’ve been brainwashed? We’re starting to think we may have been, you see. A few days ago, we wrote a story for this week’s Time Out magazine about the re-emergence of the Black Room, a long-defunct secret society active in ‘50s Hollywood. We were, admittedly, sceptical, given their weird-sounding dance-based rituals. But the more hints we discover about them, the more we’re tempted to get involved.

Reports are that the initiation is extraordinary, they don’t charge a membership fee and that followers get ‘showered with rare and wondrous gifts’. To launch their London incarnation, rumour is that they’re planning to take to the streets of the capital, bestowing rewards upon the people they select to join them.

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