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Be right and admit you were wrong at the Wellcome Collection

Posted at 1:00 pm, July 5, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Wellcome Collection, Wrong!

It’s almost entirely impossible to go through life being right about everything, but what’s even harder than that is holding your hands up and admitting that you got something wrong. We often try fawn off our wrongful shame on another poor unsuspecting creature, reciting an elaborate tale that resonates an equally believable undertone to that of a Greek myth. Why can’t you just be wrong?!

That’s the question the Wellcome Collection will be asking this Friday (7-9pm) as they embrace one of the most essential parts of being human – making mistakes. They’ll be inviting everyone big enough to swallow their pride with an evening of delighting in disaster by allowing wrongdoers the chance to confess all in the shame confessional. Learn how magicians visually fool you from The Psychology of Magic, discover your inner clown in a clowning masterclass, and bring your worst game to the Wrongness Championships. As well as live cabaret from songstress Jo Steephenson and others, there will also be a bar running all night to in case you need to slurp away your incorrectness.

 Oh and it’s free! For info, see the Wrong! listing.

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