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Object of desire: one amazing bike wheel display system

Posted at 8:00 am, July 8, 2013 in Shopping & Style, Technology
Monkey Light Pro (Image: MonkeyLectric)

Cycling is becoming rather more popular in London recently, with bikes now making up 24% of all morning rush-hour traffic. But with so many other pedal jockeys on the road, how’s a cyclist to stand out?

Obviously by installing this 1000% radical max bike wheel display system, Monkey Light Pro. Currently in Kickstarter mode, this product can display any 70px x 70px image or animation of your choosing, on your wheels, as you cycle along. I mean, look at all this awesome right here:

Monkey Light Pro (Image: MonkeyLectric) Monkey Light Pro (Image: MonkeyLectric) Monkey Light Pro (Image: MonkeyLectric)

That’s right, thanks to technology, you could be pedalling home atop two of the day’s finest GIFs.

Such sophistication doesn’t come cheap, with the two-wheel solution costing £838 at the currently available early-bird rate. On the other hand: crazy glow-in-the-dark wheels!

Monkey Light Pro (Image: MonkeyLectric)


The Monkey Light Pro Kickstarter is open until July 21. Early-bird price slots are limited.

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