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Look up! There are six Greenpeace activists climbing the Shard

Posted at 11:00 am, July 11, 2013 in News
Greenpeace Activists Scale Shard

Anyone who glances up at the Shard this morning may be surprised to see six women protesters climbing up the side of the mighty 87 story skyscraper.

The Greenpeace activists, who are raising awareness of oil drilling in the Arctic, got past the building’s tight security measures in the early hours of this morning. Reports suggested that the group of trained climbers mounted the 310m (1,016ft) tower from the roof of the neighbouring London Bridge station.

The groups’ lead climbers are ‘free climbing’ the ladder-like edifice of the building, equipped with safety gear, but only attaching safety ropes as they scale the superstructure. The BBC has reported that high wire staff from the building are now offering advice on how the activists can successfully complete their climb.

Radio Greenpeace announced that by 10.30am the climbing crusaders had already reached the 100m mark. According to Greenpeace, the Shard was selected for the stunt as it lies in the centre of three Shell headquarters and because the building’s design was inspired by a shard of ice. They have stated that if the activists reach the top of the tower they hope to install a piece of art about the arctic.

The demonstrators’ ascent is being recorded through cameras attached to their safety helmets. Watch the live stream at savethearctic.org. Kitty Knowles

Greenpeace Activists Scale Shard

A view from the inside shows the gutsy climbers high above London Bridge station shortly after 10am.

Onlookers Greenpeace Shard Activists

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