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Travel into the future at The Design Museum

Posted at 10:00 am, July 30, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Popping it out...

Though steeped in trading history, Shad Thames may not be the first place you’d associate with factory processes – especially within the sleek, minimal space of the Design Museum. But in a celebration of both iconic design and future technology, the Museum’s latest exhibition ‘The Future is Here’ features the first ever exhibition that demonstrates live manufacturing processes.

‘The Future is Here’ Factory’s array of whirring buzzing machinery transforms flat plastic sheets and bare pieces of ply into remarkable products as if by magic. With a 3D printer that can sculpt delicate ships with tiny sails, a vinyl printer that inks sticky images (that can be pressed straight onto the wall), and a laser woodcutter that burns shapes that fold and flex into nifty practical objects (the Design Museum’s fold out ‘shutter-shades’ are particularly neat), the Factory is fascinating stuff. Though technicians are on hand to explain the high-tech wizardry, the whole affair truly stretches the imagination to consider the future possibilities of design technology. Kitty Knowles

The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution exhibited at The Design Museum until October 29.

Being the ‘hands on’ lot that we are, we decided to head down to have our very own design classic put through its paces…

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