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The great American comedy invasion: 7 big names to book now

Posted at 2:00 pm, July 31, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Grab a burger and a Bud (or equally tasteless light-beer), the Americans are coming! American comedians, that is. With the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock filling arenas in our city, it’s no surprise that fellow yanks want a piece of the London-comedy pie. Over the next few months, no less than ten US comics are heading to the capital. We’ve lassoed them together into this handy round-up.

From the small screen

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fans, prepare to be insulted – foul-mouthed Susie Essman is playing the Soho Theatre’s 150-seat basement room. That room’s so intimate you’ll be able to feel the spittle from every shout of ‘you four-eyed fuck’. (We hear she’s actually very lovely in person.)

Playing a much larger room – the 3,600-seat Hammersmith Apollo – is ’30 Rock’ star Tracy Morgan. The 44-year-old comic had some shaky gigs in Australia recently (a fair chunk of the crowd walked out). Will he have the same reaction in London? Only time will tell.

Shambolic political comic Janeane Garofalo is most famous for her work on ‘The Larry Sanders Show‘, but she’s popped up in everything from ‘Seinfeld’ to ‘Ellen’ and had regular roles in ’24’ and ‘The West Wing’. Once she gets a-rantin’, there’s no stopping her.

From the big screen

Eddie Griffin’s back in London for the third time in five years. His sitcom ‘Malcolm & Eddie‘ was huge in the States, but us Brits probably know him more from the film ‘Undercover Brother‘. Griffin’s playing Brixton Academy alongside Tony Rock, aka Chris Rock’s younger brother.

From the internet

Twitter supremo Rob Delaney made his UK debut in October last year, but he’s already returning for a third time. Back in October he had 500,000 followers. That number has now jumped to nearly 900k. Good job he’s a great stand-up too. Just don’t expect jokes in 140 character bursts.

Another comic who’s profile has rocketed thanks to the interwebs is Stephen Lynch. His musical numbers – including ‘Craig’ and ‘Special Ed’ – have had millions of hits, and he sells out huge music venues across the world.

Podcast fans might know of Massachusetts-born stand-up Jen Kirkman. As well as her own recent audio offering, ‘I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman’, she’s a regular contributor to Paul F Tompkins’s superb ‘Pod F Tompkast’.

Bostonian Bill Burr is also a top podcaster. His weekly ‘Monday Morning Podcast’ is a brilliant ranty and sweary moan about the world, and he’s built up a loyal following in London since 2010.

Honourary Brit

A select few Americans cross the Atlantic so often they’ve become practically British. Reggie Watts is definitely one of them (and can do our accent to a T, too). The mega-afro’d beatboxer/musical improviser has played all over London, including Yoko Ono’s Meltdown in June this year. We can’t get enough of him.

See a full list of big-name comedians coming to London.

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