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Happy National Be Late For Something Day

Posted at 8:00 am, September 5, 2013 in Fun London
Run Lola Run

“Sorry I’m late for work, but haven’t you heard? Today is National Be Late for Something Day.”

Yes, you read right: this is a day to step back, slow down, and stop rushing everywhere. Ideally, try to be late for something that won’t annoy your friends/make you miss your doctor’s appointment/get you fired. In fact, since it’s also Cheese Pizza Day (no, we’re not convinced either), why not kill two birds with one stone: arrange to meet up for pizza with a friend who is usually late anyway.

If you’ve ever been late for anything, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of running for the bus/Tube/train/work/cinema. It’s undignified. It isn’t cool. But with the right kind of song, you can feel less ‘sweaty weird person running in the street’ and more ‘Frances Ha pirouetting through Brooklyn to the sound of David Bowie’s Modern Love’. Here’s a playlist of songs to listen to while you’re running, late:

Kathryn Bromwich

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