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Record what you’re up to this Saturday for the Now&Here=Everywhere project

Posted at 12:00 pm, September 13, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
http://www.now-here-everywhere.org.uk/ [13:00 9/6/2013]

What will you be doing at 4pm this Saturday? Whether you’re out and about, hanging with friends or still in bed (get up, lazyface), whip out your camera phone and record your surroundings for 30 seconds as part of this mass art project exploring simultaneous experiences and cultural diversity around the world. ‘Now+Here=Everywhere’ has been created by Central St Martins student Iceberg Fernandez as part of his PhD research. Clips will be added to a website (pictured above) where participants can view the world as it was in that moment from multiple international perspectives.

To take part, keen camera-wielding art fans should take a 30 second film with their mobile phone of the situation or place they are are in at exactly 4pm (BST). Be creative – try and think of something more interesting to film than your old socks. Then send it by email to info@now-here-everywhere.org.uk or by Whatsapp by texting the word ‘NOW’ to 07449494812 beforehand.

Phones at the ready! ‘Moment 7’ of the Now & Here=Everywhere project will be created on Saturday September 14 at 4pm (UK time). Visit now-here-everywhere.org.uk for more information.

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