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Get a stitch at the knitted disco

Posted at 3:15 pm, September 14, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Knitted Disco

We know knitwear’s cool and all, but we still can’t bring ourselves to wear any of the mothball-drenched ’80s monstrosities that vintage stalls are flogging for more than we earn in a morning. And the high street has some pretty special offerings, but we know that because we saw four separate people wearing them last week alone. So how can we get the perfect woolly jumper? Knit our own. Beki Rymsza makes bespoke jumpers for a living and has just launched a book, ‘The Knit Parade’, bursting with innovative patterns for those who can handle a pair of needles. To celebrate its launch, Beki is knitting a disco, covering the walls, floors and ceilings of The Great Eastern Bear gallery with woollen goods, glitterball mirrors and colourful jumpers. Visit the world’s most inviting dancefloor this weekend (Sep 13-15).

The knitted disco is at The Great Eastern Bear gallery until 3pm on Sunday September 15.

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