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The high drama of ‘Homeland’ comes to London

Posted at 7:15 pm, September 18, 2013 in Fun London, Secret London

For those who enjoy the feeling of an oncoming heart attack while watching the insanely tense US drama ‘Homeland’, your heart is about to race a little faster. To celebrate the launch of Homeland Season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, for one day only Homeland Security will be opened on Whitcomb Street for naughty fibbers and law-abiding citizens alike.

From 10am-4pm on Thursday September 19, you can sweat like Sergeant Brody in a recreated CIA interrogation room where Richard Martinez Dip Pi, managing director of Expedite Detective Agency, will perform a polygraph test as you are grilled by former SAS interrogator Dave Thomas. There will be speakers broadcasting the interrogations onto the street and a two-way mirror so you can watch your friends, family, colleagues or lovers (or random members of the public) squirm as they reveal all. Anyone who does complete the 15-minute exam will walk away with a copy of Homeland Season 2 to relive copious amounts of drama, steely stares and bare breasts. Ally Swadling

Test your lying skills between 10am and 4pm  at 11 Whitcomb Street, London. WC2H 7HA. Follow updates and read-outs from Homeland Security on Twitter with hashtag #DISCOVERTHETRUTH

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