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Split opinion: commenters clash over ‘The Lightning Child’ at The Globe

Posted at 4:30 pm, September 19, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Lightning Child at The Globe

A musical? At Shakespeare’s Globe? Indeed it is. ‘The Lightning Child‘ has just opened, billed as a wild ‘remix’ of Euripides’s ‘The Bacchae’ from writer Ché Walker and director Matthew Dunster, the team that created 2009’s controversial ‘The Frontline’. Our official review is coming shortly, but from the comments on our site, it’s as divisive as its predecessor…

Firmly in the ‘for’ camp, it’s chrmit:

‘Loud and powerful, full of surprises from the word go, this is a performance not to be missed. An updated, modern – and yes – expletive-packed take on a tale from the Classics, this play manages to weave some perennial examples into the old underlying Dionysian themes of love, abuse of excess, a variety of gender-related issues and a generous pinch of androgenic introspection.’ ★★★★★

And in the ‘against’ camp, oggieb didn’t make it past the interval:

‘Suffice to say that the entire performance can only be described as an irredeemable mess which was mostly on the level of a poorly written and choreographed school play.
As Euripides might have said:-“Ye Gods!”‘ ★☆☆☆☆

Over to Linda Quigley, who reflects on the second half:

‘My friend and I imagined it would come together in the second part, as did the people sitting alongside us. Instead it got more shocking, but not in a good way. Rather it seemed to set out to shock, rather than lead us somewhere so we could work something out.’ ★★☆☆☆

Raz disagrees in the Strongest. Possible. Terms.

‘Euripide with a hint of Rocky’s Horror at the Globe? YAY! At last the world is moving in the right direction. A mixture of gorgeous Black & White bodies dancing and projecting exactly what the director asked them to project. Generous straight men equally pleasing frustrated women and lady boys. And the music: absolutely divine – as good and immortal as Mozart’s. A great night out that you’re going to remember for a very long time!’ ★★★★☆

But it’s Pyotr who wins the discussion with this gem:

‘Whoever wrote this must have been on the wacky Bacchae.’ ★★☆☆☆

Well played, Pyotr, well played.

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