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Welcome to the House of Pain

Posted at 2:00 pm, September 26, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

There’s nothing especially satisfying about having to bite your tongue or muttering swear words under your breath behind your boss’s back. However, let loose and you’d probably get sectioned, sacked or both. So artists Marcus Lyall and Mark Logue of ML Studio had a bright idea and created a place where all your pent-up frustrations can be released with positive repercussions. From 5pm nightly until October 21, you’re invited to have a cathartic yell inside the House of Pain – a derelict building in Southwark – as part of the 2013 Merge festival. Marcus and Mark have created an interactive light sculpture in the building where you’ll be able to release your stress and the force of your shrieks will generate an instant light display that illuminates the entire building. Each scream will create a different display based on the unique quality of your vocals. It’s a shame that screaming spontaneously in public is so frowned upon– everyone would probably feel a whole lot better. Ally Swadling

For more info head to mlstudio.co.uk.

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