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Painter Nathan James takes a punch at modern culture in his latest exhibition

Posted at 10:30 am, October 2, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Let’s face it, seeing all those Photoshopped beauties in their spotless homes and nicely ironed shirts on billboards while you’re bedraggled from your commute and counting down the days till payday is seriously depressing. Painter Nathan James has taken all these ‘aspirational’ modern images and given them a grimly comic twist as part of his latest series, Punchlines. Influenced by the world of cartoons and the failed industrial background of Ontario, both of which he grew up with, Nathan paints his dystopian view of contemporary culture and traditional beauty with oils (a lot of which he makes himself) onto canvas and linen. There will be a private viewing on October 3 at 7pm, and the exhibition runs until October 26 at KK Outlet in Hoxton. Ally Swadling

For more info head to kkoutlet.com/exhibitions/2013/nathan-james

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