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Miss! Miss! There’s a UFO in the playground

Posted at 3:15 pm, October 8, 2013 in Fun London, News
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There’s always plenty of drama in the school playground, none of it newsworthy. Except when a UFO crashes behind the classroom. Just ask the students at North Harringay Primary School, who were left wide-eyed when they found the wreckage of a spaceship in their playground last week.

Of course, there was a forensics expert on hand to take samples of the foreign specimen that appeared to have fallen from the sky, and local officer PC Glyn Kelly was on hand in case those pesky aliens came back to cause any more trouble.

Little did the students know that the reckless aliens were actually there to help them get creative. A very talented parent, David Willshaw, made the UFO before dressing up as a forensics detective to help stage the crash. PC Glyn Kelly also gave up his spare time to make the scene all the more authentic for the kids, who were encouraged to share their excitement through drama, art, film and writing.

The aliens kindly sent the school a letter of apology for making such a mess when they were out sightseeing in London. The space craft has now taken pride of place in the school for everyone to admire.

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