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Help create London’s very own superhero

Posted at 6:25 pm, October 14, 2013 in Fun London
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Thor. Spider-Man. Ben Affleck. It seems you can’t channel hop for more than ten seconds these days without seeing some sort of super-buff hero take charge of the screen. And where are they? New York, Gotham and Metropolis. But where are London’s heroes? Yes, there are amazing people who make London life safer, but why don’t we have a bona fide super-healing, acrobatic, gravity-defying super-being to defend our city? Well, it seems that our pleas from last year have been heeded, as in true comic book fashion, a superhero is gestating in London town.

At Soho’s Vinyl Factory, HP’s ZED pop-up will see six animators creating what they believe London’s superhero would look like, all the way from infancy to muscle-bound maturity. Today (October 14), you’ll see the genesis of our fair hero as the artist details his or her younger years (see the draft of the very beginning above). Tomorrow (October 15), they’ll be covering the golden age of the superhero between 12pm and 5pm and then tomorrow evening (Wednesday October 16 from 7pm–9pm) they’ll screen the lifecycle of London’s Hero on stage to a very lucky guestlist. And if you want to have a go at creating a hero yourself, HP have provided some Workstations where you can create your very own interpretation of London’s wonder kid. So if you have an eye for design or just want to hang out with some fellow nerds, head down now! Carly-Ann Clements

Find out more and sign up for tickets on the Cut&Paste website

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