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How to make the most of Frieze Art Fair 2013

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 17, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Time Out’s Martin Coomer and Freire Barnes dodge the showers and the VIP squirrels to bring you their highlights from Frieze London 2013.

What do you mean my name’s not down? Time Out favourites Elmgreen & Dragset are everywhere at the fair, with their oversized VIP door ‘But I’m on the Guest List, Too!’ in the (free to enter) Frieze Sculpture Park, a model of their gleeful Fourth Plinth rocking horse sculpture at Victoria Miro (stand F5), mirthfully morbid noose and gibbet at Perrotin (stand C15) and dead good ‘Tomorrow’ headstone at De Carlo (stand A4).

Seb Patane

Where do you start with 150 galleries to choose from? We highly recommend making a beeline for Focus and Frame. Here, younger galleries inject some fun, showing the cream-of-the-crop artists we should all know about. Seb Patane’s installation and sculpture at Fonti (stand E20) is not to be missed.

The Box

Frieze can sometimes be a case of over-filled stands and ill-considered choices. So it warms our hearts and calms our eyes when a gallery gives some thought to its display. All the way from LA, The Box’s (stand G16) choice of Leigh Ledare’s provocative portraits, Stan VanDerBeek’s collages and hallucinogenic film and Julien Bismuth’s vivid imagery makes for the perfect trio. Trust the Los Angelenos to get it right.

Photo: Jens Ziehe Courtesy Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin

Mrs Carter may not have graced the opening of Frieze like she did Art Basel Miami Beach last December, but Jonathan Horowitz gives us the next best thing at Pia/Weiss (stand A5) – a Beyoncé mirror piece for you to stand in front of and practice your best ‘bow down, art bitches’ moves.
Dirk Stewen, ‘Untitled (Schwarzes Brett 3)’ and ‘Untitled (Schwarzes Brett 4)’, 2013

With black being the colour du jour among the international collector’s set, these two exquisite Dirk Stewn’s pieces at Karin Guenther (stand G3) are sure to have grabbed the attention of the well heeled.

Mark Leckey

Earring-wearing pirate of the artworld Mark Leckey has created one of the most standout stands without going bombastic. If you haven’t been to De la Warr Pavilion for his curatorial triumph ‘The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things’ this is your chance to experience Leckey’s alternative world at Cabinet (stand F9). (Also at Gavin Brown Enterprise C6 and Galeriea Buchholz C8)

IMG_2203 IMG_2209

Gavin Brown has been responsible for some of the most memorable stands at Frieze, including Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market in 2007. Pruitt’s back at GBE this year with a series of daft, humanoid traffic cone sculptures that lead a glowing path to stunning Alex Katz night paintings.

Linder, ‘Les Augures Printaniers,’ 2011

An old fave at Time Out Towers is explicit collagist Linder, so imagine our surprise and utter awe when we stumbled upon this photograph of a pleasured couple covered in gloop at Blum & Poe (stand H3).(You can also see her at Dépendance E18 and Stuart Shave/Modern Art A6)


Frieze wouldn’t be Frieze without a bunch of scaled up things for megabucks collectors. Here are Friedrich Kunath’s massive cheesy loafers at Blum and Poe (stand H3).

Gagosian, courtesy Frieze London

You’ll also get to feel Lilliputian in the presence of Jeff Koons’s ‘Cat on a Clothes Line’ on Gagosian’s (stand C13) security-heavy stand, and Urs Fischer’s giant fried egg at Sadie Coles (stand D4). When that gets too much, why not behave like a big baby by curling up inside Jennifer Rubell’s giant ‘Portrait of the Artist’ at Stephen Friedman (stand D3).

© Stephen Friedman Gallery Helio Oiticica & Neville d’Almeida, ‘CC3 Maileryn’

Frieze wouldn’t be Frieze (part two) without self-referential art works about the art of looking at art. Fortunately Helio Oiticica & Neville d’Almeida’s immersive installation from their 1973 series ‘Cosmococa’ at A Gentil Carioca (stand E13) includes a spirited soundtrack, Marilyn Monroe projection and some balloons.

Courtesy Victoria Miro, London

Time Out art issue cover star Grayson Perry admits he doesn’t have much time for making art these days, so it’s great to see his, erm, upstanding ‘Primitive Men’ pot on Victoria Miro’s stand.

© Frieze London

Moments of calm are rare at the fair but Lisson Gallery (stand B10) offer shelter of a kind with Dan Graham’s ‘Groovy Spiral’. We bumped into Lynn Barber while we were in there.

© Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Sturtevant’s ‘Trilogy of Transgression’ video at Anthony Reynolds (stand B8) is one of four works acquired for the Tate Collection thanks to The Outset/Frieze Art Fair Fund. It’s a cheeky three-parter by the veteran copycat artist that features various objects being pulled from an inflatable anus. If that sounds hard to swallow, you should try the prices at the bar.

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