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Vertigo theatre: watch a performance in the night sky

Posted at 5:05 pm, October 18, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
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Not to make this a lecture about light pollution, but when you look up into the London night sky, you’re not likely to see all that many stars. However, if you’re in north London tonight or tomorrow at 8pm, take a look up at the Archway Tower and you’ll witness something quite spectacular. Dangling from the 195ft building overhanging Archway tube station, Scarabeus Theatre Group will be performing their new work ‘Paradise Lost?’ against a haunting soundtrack and a background of stunning video projections. The four aerial artists will draw from the history of Archway and tell a story of love, loss and hope (amazingly, not terror) mid-air, as part of the council funded A Million Minutes project.

For more details go to scarabeus.co.uk/paradise-lost

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